Mbanq Sky –
the fully integrated banking solution – Cloud or On-Premise

Full scope of banking products

Back-office integration

Regulatory compliance

Flexibility to add own innovation

Fully managed and easy to set up

Build your bank to be agile, compliant and secure. Mbanq Sky is a powerful, modern and complete, big data Digital Banking solution.

  • Single source of truth (SSOT) big data core for reduced complexity and increased reliability
  • Hosted via cloud or available physically on premise

A Paradigm Shift in Digital Banking

Mbanq Sky’s technology completely transforms any bank’s operational efficiency by utilizing complex big data structures to record real time financial transactions. The advantages are huge and immediate: no duplication, no room for conflicting data, no reconcilliation required. Business logic is built using big data algorithms on top of this data structure. This provides huge operational savings and increased stability over inefficient traditional systems where data structures are built around business processes.

Traditional Banking Technology

Traditional legacy core banking is complex, expensive and inefficient.

Legacy cores comprise of too many servers, systems, databases and internal interfaces.

Slow because data structure is built on top of business processes.

Banking transactions are segmented into different data areas, such as master data, cash flows, accruals and interest.

Totals must be continuously calculated and stored.

Mbanq Sky

Single Instance – Single Database – Single System
Zero Confusion

All-encompassing. Streamlined.
On premise or via cloud.

Big data architecture and business processes on top of data layer for increased speed. 

No internal interfaces, no duplication and no reconciliation because single source of truth (SSOT).

Data truth difficult to reconcile.
Huge operational effort.

Optimal data accuracy.
Minimum effort to operate.


Full scope of banking products and operations
Huge range of pre-integrated third-party connectivity to providers, including: regulatory, payment rails, card processors and ATM networks
Modern UX
Open API for full flexibility
Integrated back office for accounting, risk, regulatory and treasury
Beautifully designed white label apps for Android and iOS

Front & Back-Office
Banking Functionality


Private and corporate

Consumer, corporate, microloans, installments, mortgages, syndicated loans, collateral, 100+ methods for maturity and 40+ for interest

Treasury, Regulatory, AML, Risk, Marketing

Finance, Controlling, Tax

KYC, Onboarding, Scoring

Debit, Credit, Loyalty

Internet banking and iOS / Android apps

Mbanq’s big data core connects to the global banking ecosystem


We configure your products according to your individual requirements, set up your front end and apps and integrate with your existing platforms.
Customized enhancements are built and implemented if you require them.


Reduce operating resources and expenditure
Provide an extensive array of banking products
Migrate existing core data without any service disruption or risk
Leave behind the problems of legacy cores
Be faster and more cost-effective than in-house development
Gain an advantage over competitors

Delivery Process


Based on your business case, we work together to define your product and  operational needs, and set early solution goals and deployment milestones.


Configure your products according to your individual requirements, set up your front end and apps and integrate with your existing platforms. Customized enhancements are built and implemented if you require them.


Your new banking product goes live after team training and SI & UAT testing. Our team is constantly in touch for maintenance, questions, and support and to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Agile implementation for quick results

Rich API connectivity included

All the Mbanq Sky editions provide numerous APIs for connectivity,
Multi-Channel-Access as well as Financial & Analytical Functionality

Mbanq Sky features






Review and control of logins

Personal portfolio
– overview of customer’s entire business
relationship with the bank

Product designer

Create a new product near-instantly
without the help of your IT or involving a vendor

Create groups of products

Create unlimited number of account types

Create an unlimited number of lines/models
for each type

Set flexible terms for products
(conditions, duration, incentives, availability)

React quickly to the market
by creating a product line yourself

Fully flexible to suit changing needs

Define terms and maturity for your products

More than 40 types
of interest calculations for deposits

More than 100 different methods
of calculating interest for loans

Full parameterization of all types of fees

Unprecedented change management options

Use options and rights yoursel




Transaction accounts

Multicurrency account 

Automatic generation of contracts
and related documents

Automated processing, booking,
and collection of fees

VIP account monitoring


Create debit, credit, charge
and revolving loyalty cards
for retail and corporate clients

Create virtual and physical cards

Set all parameters and limits

Track all changes regarding debit card installments


Card limit settings

Overview of card transactions

Real-time response on card requirements


Consumer loans

Corporate loans


Syndicated loans

Installment loans

Multipurpose credit limits

SmartOS (loan approval system)

Analysis and assessment of creditworthiness

Digital loan origination

Automated credit scoring system

Loan placement

Automated bookings

Info calculations

Loan repayment plan

Automated lifetime tracking

Automated risk detection


Monitor entire chronology

View transactions, balances and status warnings

Set automated reminders

Notice private individuals and legal subjects

Late days per person and per account

Temporarily pause collection

Change delay day

Collection department report

Status overview of restructured loans

Monitor full loan conditions from request to final payment


Standard connectors

Smart routing with the ability
to define different channels specific
to each client

DPO – Dynamic Payment Order –
dynamic change of required fields depending on recipient, amount and currency


SWIFT & Global Money Transfer

IBM World Wire




Manage your liquidity from one place

Correspodent banking

Cash management

Money market

Foreign exchange market

Monitor cash flows

Real-time overview

Front and back office

Internet and Mobile banking

One login to access all accounts

Execution of payment orders

Fraud prevention –
monitor and prevent transactions

Create and use templates

Manage all banking transactions
simple and complex

Forex services

Complex rights granulation –
from view only to ability to execute
all transactions

Loan origination

Online deposits

Dividing POS transactions into installments

Plans and limits

Integrated cross-selling shop

Detailed sign-in overview

Customizable widgets boost System users efficiency

Every Operator can customize Sky widgets on the Desktop so she/he has fast access to the operations of the day and to information important for the specific work. By setting them constantly visible on the screen Operator can increase productivity and have a better overview on realization of plans.

Single point of truth design means
no internal reconciliation

Complete banking intelligence
and seamless back-office

Mbanq provides all required operational
functionality with easy configurability

Secure your financial institution’s operating future with the world’s most advanced Digital Banking Solution